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Innova operates on this straightforward philosophy of our founder: Always remember that this is a people business. Identifying and deploying talented people is at the core of everything we do, including staffing, managed services, and outsourcing services. Every person who works for or at your business has the potential to impact your success, and Innova has the experience and expertise to consistently hire qualified, motivated professionals who will make a difference for our clients.

Staffing and Managed Services

Innova Workforce Solutions (North America), Innova International (UK, Europe, Asia), and Innova Consulting Group are the foundation of our business. These brands offer contingent staffing, direct placement, and managed services that ensure our clients have the skilled professionals and efficient processes necessary to achieve their corporate objectives.

Innova Consulting Group

Innova Consulting Group is an award winning, global talent solutions expert, committed to taking businesses forward and is an independent managed services provider (MSP) with a proven 20 year record of helping leading organisations to recruit and manage top quality contingent talent to fill specialized skill needs, meet peak labor demands and even outsource non-critical operations.  More than 100 Fortune 1000 and emerging companies rely on Innova’s MSP services to improve the value and manage the costs of their staffing suppliers, statement of work projects and independent contractors while ensuring greater visibility and helping to mitigate the risks of this growing portion of their total workforce.

The flexibility and scalability of contingent workers is a significant element of many corporate talent strategies, yet many companies lack the tools and experience to effectively manage their growing non-employee workforce. Our client service teams collaborate with hiring managers, HR, and Procurement to efficiently recruit and manage qualified contingent workers while navigating increasingly complex regulatory rules, employment laws, and company policies. We provide MSP programs globally, with clients and service teams in North America, Europe and Asia.

Our dedication to generating more value and reducing risk from every program we manage has earned the confidence and trust of our clients and the industry’s longest MSP retention rates. We are experienced in all major vendor management systems (VMS) and provide each client with in-depth business analytics that look beyond transactional data alone and provide insights and expertise on critical issues including supplier performance, candidate quality, and program efficiency.

Total Talent Management Solutions

Talent Acquisition – Contingent & SOW, Managed Service Program (MSP) Talent Acquisition – Permanent, Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO) Supplier management Audit & Compliance Consolidated Invoicing & Supplier payment Cost Savings Reporting & Analytics Consultancy & Advisory Services

Offshore Services

Design & Technical Services (DTS) provides project-based and outsourced technical expertise for industrial and technology manufacturers. DTS consultants work seamlessly with their clients' internal teams to identify business inefficiencies, accelerate processes, and design and deliver effective solutions that improve quality, increase velocity, and control costs.

Global Outsourcing Services

​Committed to improving its customers’ profitability, Arctern provides skilled manpower resources, infrastructure, and management for various practice areas including software development, engineering, web design, technical support, call center operations, sales and marketing, customer service, research, and back-office accounting and administration. With significant industry and business experience, global resources, and a pioneering business model called RemoteHire®, Arctern can help quickly, easily, and affordably, deploy the right people, projects, and infrastructure to meet the business objectives of small and large companies. Since 2004, Arctern has successfully implemented the offshore outsourcing model for numerous companies across USA. Our current objective and scope of work is four folds:

For Developed Markets:

  • To bridge the need of businesses in developed nations which are facing a competitive disadvantage from their respective market leaders with regards to lower operational cost structures due to the benefits of offshore outsourcing of skilled human resources.

  • To expand the service or product offerings of businesses from developed nations to developing markets in Asia, Middle East, South America, and Africa.

For Developing Markets:

  • To bridge the need of businesses in developing nations which are growing to provide easy, one-stop access to infrastructure and skilled manpower resources in developed markets.

  • To expand the service or product offerings of businesses from developing nations to developed markets in North America, Europe, Asia, & Australia.

We Make Great Companies Better

All of our brands share these common attributes: our dedication to improving each client's business, our focus on responsive, accountable service, and our commitment to operating with the highest level of ethics and integrity. We are confident you’ll see this for yourself whenever you choose Innova.