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Candidate Care

Welcome to Innova's Singapore Contractor Charter

With Innova you're in good hands. We've been working with contractors in Singapore for over 20 years and we know the challenges you face. And Innova is committed to providing you with all the help you need, whether it's your first contract or your 100th.  

The Charter is our promise to support and guide you throughout your contract, from interview to exit, allowing you to focus on bringing the best of your skills and experience to the role.

Across Singapore, Innova is committed to:

  • Appointing a personal manager to take care of you throughout your contract.

  • Contacting you regularly and to meeting you in person if at all possible.

  • Providing you with a 'welcome' pack when you start, with all the information you should need.

  • Explaining the process of recording working time and billing.

  • Giving you the answers to your questions when you need them.

  • Explaining the contract options, especially if it's your first contract.

  • Providing advice and assistance if you need to relocate.