Modern Slavery Load

Modern Slavery

In the modern world, slavery can take many forms.  It can include servitude, forced and compulsory labour as well as human trafficking.  It can affect both adults and children with people of all ages being forced to work against their free will.

Innova Europe Ltd works within the recruitment industry, in particular in the provision of contractors to end clients (directly or indirectly) for the delivery of services.  As such we are a people business and recognise the importance of preventing slavery in our organisation.  We take a zero tolerance approach to slavery and we are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships. 

In compliance with recruitment and immigration legislation we ID check all of our contractors. We therefore know the age of every applicant and can thus prevent child labour in our supply chain. We interview all candidates we put forward for consideration to our clients. This gives us a chance to assess if they are qualified and interested in the role, so we have an opportunity to identify concerns at that point.  We predominantly operate in the highly skilled section of the recruitment market where candidates often have many years of experience and are well paid and thus our candidates, as educated and often financially secure individuals, are less at risk of slavery than other worker demographics.

Many of our contractors have their own companies, which we compliance check to ensure they are properly registered.  Others of our contractors work through umbrella companies and as agency workers have declared pay rates (as these must be matched with client pay rates) and so we can ensure workers are receiving the correct pay.  We spot check umbrella payslips to double check this.

Within our organisation, the European Legal Department takes responsibility for compliance with this policy.  In the event you have any reason to believe there may have been a breach of this policy, please contact