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Job Description - Delivery Consultant for Contracting

Role: Delivery Consultant for Contracting

Change Catalyst: To build, navigate and ignite.

Today, the world is facing an unexpected pandemic that has affected many lives. Locally, the job market has shifted, and many of us are coping with the change. Being in Recruitment, I believe many of my fellow recruiters are trying to adapt and witnessing how this change has affected ordinary lives daily.

I am now looking for my Change Catalyst to join me in transforming unrestful changes and shifts into a meaningful revolution. This will also be your very own revolution; to empower yourself in creating your journey. Slowly but surely, empowering peoples ‘lives. Our mission is to lead change, invite collaboration and accelerate.

As your leader, I will give you my helping hand, and a gentle push from your back if you’re in self-doubt. I will help you learn how to take calculated risks and be right by your side if you decide to take your first leap of faith. I will do everything I can and share all the experiences that I have accumulated so that you can establish, navigate and accelerate in life. And one day, you will look back in five years of your significant contribution to the business, and most importantly, yourself has never been prouder.

If you want to be a change agent, don’t resist change. Join me to make a difference.

  • Very flexible work culture, in terms of dress, timing, and way of working.
  • International brand and publicly traded company - NYSE. We actually just recently reported our best financial quarter in the past decade!
  • More trust, less KPIs. The most important number is how many people you're placing, and how much money you're making, not how many calls you're doing on a day to day basis, and etc.

What we're looking for:

  • Prior recruitment experience, ideally within the Contracting space.
  • A self starter who's able to work both in a team, and independently.
  • Someone who is detailed oriented. 
  • Clarity, trust and drive is most important!

Please contact: Rosette Chong, Manager - Information Technology