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As Singapore is facing a massive talent crunch within its tech industry, competition for coders is  becoming increasingly competitive. Companies compete heavily, resulting in the average job seeker being bombarded with multiple messages, calls, and offers daily. This raises time and cost for companies, and it can be overwhelming for candidates, especially junior ones. Contracting can be the solution. 

With Volt contracting, companies can reduce the time and cost that they usually spend to hire new talent. All the usual logistical issues can now be handled behind the scenes instead. Employee management is also made easier and more  connected, allowing for far greater retention.  

For candidates, contracting can be a new way to start off their careers, try something fresh, or to simply get back into things after a pause. It’s a hiring  model that results in lower barriers to hire, resulting in an increase in the opportunities that are ultimately available. It means more chances, greater skillset diversity, and ultimately a stronger tech market in Singapore.  

Volt’s passion for service excellence, commitment to continuous improvement and drive to deliver a uniquely positive client and contingent worker experience is deeply embedded in all of our people, processes and practices.

​Our Contracting and Payroll services deliver consistent savings, realised through a proven commercial and governance model. They are advanced by the right technology and qualified project management within an experienced highly visible account management team who work in partnerships with our clients. Our regional offices are in Singapore and India, with payrolling capability in APAC locations. Our services includes Contingent and Retained recruitment.

​Tiara International and Global Recruiter winners in categories of: Candidate Service and Back Office Performance



  • Strong local candidate pool
  • Executive search & attraction
  • Global touchpoints
  • Specialised recruitment technology
  • Dedicated service administrator team
  • Flexible billing arrangements
  • Key account management
  • Tailored onboarding & retention


  • Daily rate contractors
  • Worldwide contract assignments
  • Relocation
  • Business transformation & scaling
  • Tailored strategic hiring


  • Local statutory process management
  • Dedicated service administrator team
  • Transparent pricing
  • Flexible billing arrangements
  • Key account management



Choose between project-based work rather than role-specific tasks to avoid demand fatigue. Scope of work is flexible and can change project-to-project thus keeping employee employees engaged. Volt assist with contractor’s transition from project-to-project while contractors remain in the same Volt’s talent pool, therefore ensuring no transition cost and thus managing recruitment budget. Our dedicated team aims to ease transition for contractors and hiring managers, taking away pain from our clients while keeping employees engaged and hiring teams happy.


Provide instant gratification and encourage positive reinforcement from managers to contractors. Contract Manager provides one-on-one time doubling recognition by rewarding and recognizing length of employment duration. Absorb any white noise on frequent one-on-one check-ins. Organizational, technical and social onboarding, managing expectations while setting goals and recognizing contractor’s milestones during their journey, right by their side. 


Volt aims to facilitate ease of automation with simple and easy-to-use system that encourages transparency and open communication for contractors while allowing supervising managers to track key performance indicators. Traditional manual processes are now automated using electronic online CRM tool to manage daily tasks taking away inconvenience, embracing simplified administration. We administer cultural and behavioral tests to ensure a true cultural fit in managing and developing contractors over time. Examples of tests we administer include the Harrison Assessments and the McQuaig test among others

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