Francisco Cervantes

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Francisco Cervantes

Consultant - Procurement & Supply Chain

Francisco graduated with Cum Laude honours with a B.B.A specialised in Supply Chain and Operations Management from Jackson State University (MS, USA). Originally from Mexico, he received a baseball scholarship to study abroad. Francisco gained international experience by working for global MNCs in the Retail and Manufacturing sector as a Sales Associate and Procurement Coordinator respectively.

As a Recruitment Consultant, he combines his passion for Supply Chain and interacting with people from different walks of life. With a proven history in discipline, determination and teamwork, Francisco advises candidates and clients for the Supply Chain desk covering roles in:

Supply Chain Management and Consulting

Procurement (direct, indirect, services, MRO)

Sourcing and Purchasing

Commodity Trading

Import-Export / Trade Compliance

Operations Management

Demand and Supply Planning

Inventory Management

Logistics and Distribution

Customer Service and Order Management